Dutch Newspaper on Advanced Research, sponsored by Sensius

The Dutch newspaper AD published a keynote article on advancements in heat treatment of cancer. Daniel Deenen, one of the researchers in the NWO program ‘Control to Act’, explains how his algorithms can improve automated steering of heat treatment. Using an Magnetic Resonance (MR) system, the temperature can be measured in the entire target volume. With the software resulting from his research, the heating sources outside the body can be adjusted to administer exactly the right amount of energy to achieve the desired temperature.

Daniel Deenen, researcher of TU Eindhoven

Sensius sponsored this research. As leader in thermotherapy, we constantly strive to improve our treatment planning and treatment delivery software HyperControl4D. Advanced research like the work of Daniel Deenen enables us to enhance our current solution in the future towards further optimization of thermotherapy treatments. Sensius therefore also sponsors the successor project of NWO: “Learn to Act”