Erasmus MC and Sensius sign license agreement on innovative bolus technology

Prof. Gerard van Rhoon, Paul van den Biggelaar and Prof. Pieter Sonneveld

Prof. P. Sonneveld, chair of the department of Radiotherapy at Erasmus MC, the Erasmus MC Technology Transfer Office, and Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO of Sensius, have signed an agreement to commercialize innovative bolus technology for cancer treatment. This agreement enables the use of precision technology to transfer energy from antennas to a patient during thermotherapy treatment.

The technology was developed in partnership between Erasmus MC and TU-Delft. The approach assures an excellent control to focus energy to the tumor and therefore improves the chances of a better treatment outcome. “Collaboration between different research disciplines is essential to create key advancements for patients”, says Prof. Sonneveld, “and we are pleased with the support Sensius provides to enable prototyping of this technology”.

Sensius will apply this new technology in its solution to treat head and neck cancer with thermotherapy. “The collaboration between Erasmus MC, TU-Delft and Sensius creates innovation which not only improves treatment outcome, but also improves patient comfort”, says Paul van den Biggelaar. “We are pleased to work with a team that is empowering the synthesis of technology to enhance clinical practice and patient comfort.

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