Erasmus MC reveals promising early clinical results on HYPERcollar3D

Rotterdam, 15 september 2015

At ESHO 2015 in Zurich, Netteke van Holthe shared early experience with the HYPERcollar3D applicator as radiosensitizer for tumors in the head and neck region. Van Holthe MD is a physician and medical coordinator of hyperthermia in the Department of Radiation Oncology  Hyperthermia Unit Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

J.M.L. van Holthe, MD

J.M.L. van Holthe, MD

Erasmus MC Cancer Institute is already engaged for over a decade to provide deep hyperthermia treatment to patients with tumors in the head and
neck area. With their  first H&N hyperthermia device, the HYPERcollar, nearly 50 patients were treated. In a recent study on follow up, promising outcomes were reported.

Based on the experience with the HYPERcollar, a new version of the treatment applicator was developed to improve treatment reproducibility and heat focus, as well as patient comfort: the HYPERcollar3D. Since its clinical introduction, six patients have been treated with the HYPERcollar3D.  Four patients had a complete response after 3 months, one patient had a local response but died from metastatic disease within 3 months and one patient has no evidence of disease after post-operative treatment.

Van Holthe: “Experience in the first six patients shows that the HYPERcollar3D is a powerful hyperthermia device”.

Erasmus MC is using their advanced treatment modeling and software control to further reduce toxicity. Treatment of more patients and a longer follow-up is required to establish the clinical benefit  and further improve  this type of treatment. Based on the results, the clinic is confident about the great potential of hyperthermia with the HYPERcollar3D in head and neck oncology and will continue its efforts in this treatment.

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