Prof. Coen Rasch Joins Advisory Board Sensius

Sensius is proud to announce Prof.Dr. Coen Rasch as a member of its Advisory Board. Coen is a radiation oncologist and chair of the Department of Radiotherapy at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). He is also chair of the NVRO, the Dutch Society for Radiation Oncology.

Treatment of Head and Neck cancer urgently needs a potent sensitizer to boost the current therapies and manage the toxicity, as we cannot be satisfied with the outcome today. Sensius’ vision on hyperthermia creates a paradigm shift and propels it into thermotherapy, bringing it to the same level of relevance as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Their strong clinical orientation makes it usable for clinics to treat patients routinely.

Prof.Dr. Coen Rasch

“Coen Rasch is in radiation oncology an expert in treatment of head and neck cancer, which is of vital importance given our launching focus”, says Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO of Sensius. “In addition, Coen is very familiar with the application of hyperthermia, both with respect to the benefits for the patients and the challenges for a clinic. His knowledge and experience is an important asset to our Advisory Board.”

The other members of Sensius’ Advisory Board are Reender Beks, former CFO of Sapiens Deep Brain Stimulation, former CFO of Forcare and current Partner of Vunderink de Vries; and Michel Rudophie, former director Dutch Cancer Society KWF and current boardmember of Lygature and senior consultant marketing and clinical affairs at IBA.

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