SIOG2018 Reward for Study Proposal Thermotherapy for Primary H&N Cancer

Dr. Mandy Kiderlen has been awarded with the SIOG 2018 Young Research Prize for her presentation of the proposal regarding exploiting the benefits of the HYPERcollar3D also within primary treatment. Mandy Kiderlen is a resident in Radiation Oncology at Erasmus Medical Center Cancer Institute with great interest in Geriatric Oncology. Previously she did her thesis on patterns of care in breast cancer in older women. The presented proposal entailed the treatment of elderly patients, i.e. above 70, that are currently treated only with only radiotherapy since metastudies showed no benefit when adding chemotherapy. In her presentation, Mandy explained her Phase II patient study to investigate the safety and benefit of adding thermotherapy to radiotherapy for treating Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in elderly patients. The proposal was established by a consortium of Erasmus MC, Hyperthermia group, and Prof. Dr. Coen Rasch from Amsterdam UMC. By this study, the aim is to expand the use of head and neck hyperthermia for the benefit of also elderly patients.

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