Spin off: Collaboration Erasmus MC and Sensius

Rotterdam, 10 april 2015

Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and Sensius BV have signed an agreement to collaborate on the advancement of head and neck cancer treatment through hyperthermia. Erasmus MC Cancer Institute has developed a unique system for this approach, to be used in combination with radiotherapy: the chances for a positive outcome with this system are higher than application of just radiotherapy.

“Treatment options for head and neck tumours are limited when taking recurrence into account”, says Prof. G. van Rhoon PhD, chair of the research group hyperthermia at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. “With our solution we aim to increase the chances on a positive outcome and eventually create more treatment options”. Erasmus MC will seek collaboration with international clinics to jointly define and execute an international patient study.

Thermal Therapy as treatment modality

“Hyperthermia clearly offers better chances for patients”, says Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO and co-founder of Sensius. “Cancer clinics should apply this modality more often when there are proven good methods and solutions. Erasmus MC offers such method and solution. Based on the technology of Erasmus MC, Sensius will now start the development and production of a solution that allows for wide adoption of treatment of head and neck cancers with thermal therapy.”

InnovationQuarter as matchmaker

Sensius is a co-founded by Lavoisier, a network to  connect technical developments in the clinical field to entrepreneurs in order to enable new products. Lonneke Baas, program manager Life Sciences and Health at Innovation Quarter, was matchmaker between Erasmus MC, Sensius and Lavoiser: “The value of the research can only be translated to a positive yield for patients if this is done in collaboration with a company. Medical technology demands a special approach. Lavoisier has a track record in this approach”, says Lonneke Baas.


from left to right: founders Sensius: Peter van Paassen (Lavoisier), Maarten Paulides (Erasmus MC), Gerard van Rhoon (Erasmus MC), Paul van den Biggelaar (Lavoisier); Erasmus MC: Jean-Philippe Pignol (head department of Radiotherapy), Thijs Spigt (directeur Erasmus MC TTO)


Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC is the largest University Medical Center and most leading institute in science in its kind in the Netherlands. Nearly 13 000 employees work in patient care, education and research continuously to improve individual patient care and cure in general. The develop state of the art knowledge, transfer this knowledge to future professionals and apply this knowledge in day-to-day care for patients. In five years to come, Erasmus MC wants to become one of the best medical institutes of the word. Erasmus MC is part of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU, www. nfu.nl

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InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the Dutch region of West Holland. The mission of InnovationQuarter is to strengthen the regional economy by supporting  and stimulating the innovation potential of the area. In close cooperation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions – like the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University – and government organisations, InnovationQuarter supports technological developments, encourages entrepreneurship and invests in start-up companies.

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