Swiss reimburse hyperthermia treatments

Aarau, 1 January 2017

prof. Stephan Bodi

Swiss health authorities have decided to include treatment of cancer through a combination of radiotherapy and hyperthermia in core coverage of health insurance. This implies that since 1 January 2017, treatment with hyperthermia in addition to radiotherapy is fully reimbursed for 9 curative and palliative cancer indications for Swiss patients.

This important recognition of the relevance of hyperthermia for cancer patients is largely to be contributed to the mission of prof. Stephan Bodis and his team from Kantonspitaler Aarau and Baden. He leads the “Swiss Hyperthermia Network”, a collaboration of 15 clinics to jointly discuss the best treatment options for patients. Through their efforts, hyperthermia treatment is now an additional option, providing an improved chance for individual patients on a better treatment outcome and quality of life.

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