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Our breakthrough proprietary thermotherapy technology is being developed for the treatment of cancer, with an initial focus on head and neck tumors.

CT & MRI guided thermotherapy delivers high performance and precise heating of tumors, while protecting surrounding organs

Sensius achieves precision by  applying a high number of antennas controlled with interactive software  to create a focused intersection of microwaves, which accurately apply heat directly to a tumor with little or no damage to the healthy surrounding tissue.  The focused and controlled three-dimensional Radiofrequency (RF) energy causes an increase in the blood flow and expands and increases permeability of vessels rendering the tumor more sensitive to radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and potentially even immunotherapy.

This breakthrough technology is designed as an image guided therapeutic solution using tested and proven clinical prototypes which are themselves built on the proven medical knowledge that heat (thermotherapy) applied to a tumor reduces resistance and activates T-cell killing behavior.

Created via BioRender / Derived from the Van der Tempel http://dx.doi.org/10.3109/02656736.2016.1157216

Our technology is designed to enable clinicians to apply thermotherapy treatment to the precise site of the tumor, optimizing the treatment outcome and enabling a choice to balance the outcome and quality of life.

Sensius’s Focus product family consists of different components: 

  • FocusCore – a base unit which comprises all components which are needed for treatment of all type of tumors (including a height-adjustable bed, twenty independently controlled microwave amplifiers, water pumps and cooling, a nurse station and control computers).
  • Applicator – a body-site specific add-on to our FocusCore to position antennas around the target area and connect the energy to the body via a body-site specific bolus, such as the FocusCollar for head and neck cancer
  • FocusControl – a software providing accurate treatment preparation and delivery, customized to individual patient.


Sensius proprietary thermotherapy will initially target Head & Neck cancer. Following on from Head and Neck cancer indication, Sensius aims to expand into other solid tumors with its proprietary applicators: 

  • FocusCup – potential use in breast cancer
  • FocusBlanket – potential use in melanoma
  • FocusExtremity – potential use in sarcoma (arms and legs)

Market opportunity for H&N cancer:

The global head and neck cancer incidence is 625,000 new patients per year (Menezes et al, 2021)[1]. Approximately 70% (385,000) of these patients qualify for radiotherapy (Pignon 2009).

The global market for head and neck cancer is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2027, growing at CAGR 17.3% over the forecast period, driven by rising epidemic of oropharyngeal cancer associated with HPV, and anticipated approval of checkpoint inhibitors. (iHealthcareAnalyst, 2020)

[1] Santos Menezes, F. dos Santos; Fernandes, G.A.; Ferreira Antunes, J.L.; Lina Villa, L.; Toporcov, T.N.; Global incidence trends in head and neck cancer for HPV-related and -unrelated subsites: A systematic review of population-based studies, Oral Oncology, Volume 115, 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.oraloncology.2020.105177

Introduction to Thermotherapy and its application in Head & Neck Cancer

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