Valerio Fortunati wins award based on contribution to HyperCollar3D

Utrecht, 28 November 2016

Award winning Valerio Fortunati and his supporting team

Award winning Valerio Fortunati and his supporting team

STW in the Netherlands has attributed Valerio Fortunati with the title “Simon Stevin Gezel 2016”. He is awarded for his thesis work on automatic patient modelling in hyperthermia treatment planning. Through his work, different tissue types can be recognized from a CT scan with higher accuracy and with significant speed improvements. This secures a better treatment plan and a higher efficiency for the clinic.

Valerio Fortunati was born in Rome and got his masters degree at the Rijksuniveriteit Groningen. He joined the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam, a collaboration between the departments Medical Informatics and Radiology of Erasmus MC in 2011, focusing on hyperthermia treatment planning.

“Using the tool improves the clinical routine: not only by speeding up the process of modelling, but also by having a more precise and more consistent model over all patients” explains Valerio about his results. Sensius will work with the team at Erasmus MC to make his work available for patient treatment all over the world.

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